Friday, 15 August 2014

The Chosen Female is Revealed


Suave Dating Game Show, episode 2, The Chosen Female Revealed

London, UK, August 2014, Platinum Cat Productions releases its second episode of Suave Dates, a spicy new Caribbean dating game show that will bring a colourful easy to watch show exclusively via You Tube.

In the last episode, viewers were left wondering which of the 3 lovely ladies would be picked by the Suave male to be his date.  Well in this episode all is revealed.  The suave male, James Pearce, ponders over the questions asked and the answers given.

To help James make his mind up, he was given four options. He could either ask a friend for his opinion or ask the audience to help him make a decision or decide on his own or ask a further question.  After asking a further question James made up his own mind and made his choice.

Watch episode 2 to find out who he picked, how they got on during their date and to experience the very talented Bashiyra’s entertaining musical performance.

Bashiyra, who is one of London’s finest soul singers and has shared the stage with artists such as, Patti LaBelle, Karyn White, Diana Ross, Marsha Ambrosius, Michael Bolton and Queen, says ‘the show is unique and destined to be a big hit’.

Bashiyra performs her track ‘The You in Me’ as the theme song for the dating show.  The track, written by Bashiyra and produced by Cool Million remained at number one in The Essence of Soul, Independent Chart Show for four weeks.

Rising star Bashiyra is the first Independent artist to hold a world record for having four concurrent singles in the charts at the same time, which included the track ‘The You in Me’.

The song is described as a memorable seductive and sensual love song and is fitting for the show’s great line up of beautiful and talented contestants plus splashes of performances by some of London’s highly acclaimed independent artists.

The enjoyable and entertaining game show is hosted by Heaven Afrika, a former Big Brother House contestant and Mr. Cee a popular London comedian.

If you missed episode 1 of Suave Dates, you can find it via the Platinum Cat Productions You Tube Channel or their website You will also find links and information on their other productions such as the movie ‘Surviving in da Hood’ and the short film ‘Choices’, which was a collaboration with Starlight Music Academy.

To keep up with the series and calls for new contestants, follow Platinum Cat Productions on Twitter @platinumCatProd and keep checking their blog for latest news and updates

Our heartfelt tribute goes to Mr. Robin Williams, an actor and comedian par excellence, from whom we continue to derive inspiration.

A copy of the video has also been forwarded to BBC and Oprah Winfrey for their feedback.

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